Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

Alzheimer’s disease is something we may think only affects the elderly and nothing for us to worry about. But like so many things, the choices we make today can lay the foundations for a healthy future for our family and ourselves.

With Alzheimer’s and related dementias expected to reach epidemic levels in the coming decades, it’s time to start thinking about your brain health and how you can improve it. Leading a healthy lifestyle, through diet and regular exercise, is a proven preventative method, and will help manage the aging process of the brain and guard against illness.

Too busy or too tired to cook a healthy meal or visit to the gym? Our sedentary lifestyle is contributing to this epidemic, and the statistics are pretty alarming.

Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias affect:

  • 747,000 Canadians – yet only 33% of people are diagnosed
  • 44 million people worldwide
  • 135 million people by 2050 worldwide

In 2014 Alzheimer Awareness Month is all about promoting health and wellness by staying active. The Walk for Memories 2014 campaign will launch in January, with walking events scheduled across Canada. To find a walk in your neighbourhood, visit (Don’t forget to track your steps with your Fitness Coach Connects Fitbit Zip™ wireless activity tracker).

If you’d like personal, professional advice on how to increase your activity level and make healthy meal plans for yourself and family, or if you or a member of your family is struggling with Alzheimer’s you can find support through Unison’s Assistance Programs call: 1-855-9UNISON (1-855-986-4766)

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