What Happens When You Call The Unison Assistance Hotline?

Since it’s inception Unison has been offering a toll-free number where Canadian music professionals and their immediate family members can access professional, confidential counselling and health and wellness support.

If you’re feeling nervous about calling, that’s okay. It can be scary to pick up the phone and ask for help – especially if you don’t know what to expect.

What happens when I first call?

When you first place your call, you will be asked to pick your preferred language (English or French) and you will hear a very brief recorded message, which will give you three options:

1 Counselling or Crisis Support

When you select counselling or crisis support, you’ll be immediately connected to a live representative, who will quickly confirm your eligibility and ask you a few questions about the issue you are experiencing. If you are in crisis, you will be connected to an available counselor at this point. If your issue is not an immediate crisis, they will arrange an appointment with a professional counselor that fits your schedule and preferences.

2 Health and Wellness Resources

A live representative will quickly confirm your eligibility and clarify the issue you’d like to address, direct you to any resources that may help in the short term, and arrange an appointment – within five business days – with the professional expert or advisor you need.

3 Contact Unison Benevolent Fund

Speak to our staff directly about our other services, such as Financial Assistance, or any other questions you may have about Unison.

Unison Fund provides members of the Canadian Music industry with up to five hours of free, confidential support. If more support is needed, your counselor can make an anonymous application to Unison for additional time and help to direct you to other resources available to you. At all times, your contact with the helpline will be treated with all confidentiality possible within the bounds of the law.

Still have questions? Check out our Frequently Ask Questions and eligibility information.

Before you make the call, please take a moment to register with Unison.

Unison’s Assistance Program is always free and completely confidential. 1-855-9UNISON (1-855-986-4766)

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