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Unison’s Assistance Program

Unison’s Assistance Program is a voluntary and confidential support service that can help you and your immediate family members with everyday work, health and life issues as well as major life challenges.

If you work in the Canadian music industry, you have access to qualified professionals who can provide counselling and a variety of resources to support you when dealing with personal, family or work-related concerns. The service is available at no cost to you, 24/7/365.

Here is the first in the series of unique ways you and your family can take advantage of the complimentary services available.

Focus on Physical Health Support

Health – the more you know the better you will feel
Your physical and mental wellbeing have a significant impact on your day-to-day life. Surprisingly, we often allow our health to become an afterthought when daily work and life demands take over. Discover a wide range of services the Unison assistance program offers to help tackle your physical health challenges and help you better understand specific diseases and conditions; you’ll also find tools and tips that will help you get on the path to a healthier you!

Fitness Support

Your Path to optimal wellbeing begins with a commitment to improve your physical health
Fitness Coach Connects is a personalized and interactive program that incorporates best practices to help you understand and improve your physical health. Participation in this program means you are making a commitment to improve your health through education, behaviour change and fitness.

The Fitness Coach Connects consists of three components:

  • An Online Program
  • Fitbit Zip™ wireless activity tracker
  • Three sessions with a Fitness Coach via telephone or Coach Chat

Fitness Coach Connects is ideal for those who wish to make improvements to their overall health and well-being by getting active.

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How To Get Assistance

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3. Tell the counsellor you are with the Unison Benevolent Fund
4. Prepare to get healthier

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