• Indie Week Toronto, Health & Wellness Day Recap

    On Friday, November 10th Unison was thrilled to be a part of Indie Week’s Health & Wellness Day with a whole afternoon of panels, workshops and conversations focused on combating addiction and mental illness and staying healthy in the music industry. Greatly expanded from a single hour-long panel in 2016, Indie Week

  • Armed with will and determination, And grace too

    The Unison Board of Directors and staff are deeply saddened to learn of Gord Downie’s passing last night. Gord Downie was a tireless Canadian music maker, who didn’t let a moment of his time or his voice, go to waste. He never stopped telling us our own stories, championing their

  • When We Burn Out

    It’s a challenge nearly everyone committed to a life in the music industry is going to face sooner or later: Burnout. From the young person practicing a new skill to the professional working every angle and event, our passion for our work can push us past the breaking point. Working

  • Coping With Grief and Loss

    We often make the mistake of treating grief as though it’s a straightforward process of moving through clearly defined stages. We’re keen to ‘do grief correctly’, but grief doesn’t obey the rules. Grief is a part of the story of our experiences with our loved one. There is no set

  • A Unique Challenge for Music Workers

    The world is full of songs of loss and love—but few losses are felt in the music community as deeply as those of the artists and friends we’ve lost to addiction and substance use. Much has been said of the “creative personality” and it’s pre-disposition to addiction, but the physiological,

  • Keep Conflict Healthy

    Conflict is a normal part of a healthy relationship—even the very closest people can’t agree all the time. Deeper than just a disagreement, a conflict can trigger strong emotions, and when handled poorly it can cause lasting resentment and permanent rifts. However, when conflict is handled in a healthy way,

  • The Most Joyous Time of the Year — Mostly

    Please Remember: Unison’s free, confidential counselling hotline is available to help with problems big and small this holiday season. Visit unisonfund.ca/counselling-health/ to learn more. Although December can be full of cheerful connections with family and friends, it can also be a month that brings a great deal of stress and

  • Tools For You and Your Family for Mental Health Awareness Week

    One in five Canadians will experience mental illness in their lifetime so it’s crucial that we acknowledge its impact on us and our families. Although many of us understand mental illness is a medical condition, there is still a great deal of stigma and misunderstanding that can prevent someone from

  • More Than Just ‘For Pleasure’ Reading Busts Stress and Boosts Creativity

    Did you know 16% of Canadians won’t read a single book this year? Of course, that doesn’t mean they aren’t reading. Tweets, status updates, texts, and emails can dominate our workday, but they don’t provide the same benefits that picking up a book—or an e-reader—will. Reading Relaxes According to cognitive