• What Happens When You Call The Unison Assistance Hotline?

    Since it’s inception Unison has been offering a toll-free number where Canadian music professionals and their immediate family members can access professional, confidential counselling and health and wellness support. If you’re feeling nervous about calling, that’s okay. It can be scary to pick up the phone and ask for help

  • Just A Case Of The Blues?

    Have you been down in the dumps for a while? How to know when it’s time to ask for help. Feelings of sadness and dejection come and go, but if your low mood persists for more than two weeks and affects your ability to manage important relationships or function at

  • You Can Quit Smoking. We Can Help.

    Giving up smoking is like bidding farewell to an old friend. You’ll have to face not only the physical and social withdrawal of quitting, but you’ll also be making a large transition in your everyday life and your regular encounters with others. If you are tackling quitting right now, or

  • Avoid A Holiday Budget Crunch

    The Christmas music began before the last of the Halloween candy was snatched up and – whether you love it or hate it – you’ll feel the drive soon enough to wear out your credit cards and use up every last pay cheque on gifts, wrapping, décor and food! Your

  • Technology That Makes A Difference

    Set Goals and Stay Motivated You’ve probably seen wearable tech in the news a lot lately, but did you know that through Unison’s Assistance Program, you could receive your own fitness device as well as personal fitness coaching sessions to help you reach your goals – for free? Fitbits are

  • Life On The Road? Three Tips To Stay Healthy.

    No matter what your genre or your role – touring is tough. Long hours, cramped quarters and a lot of potential stress. Here are some simple tips to survive, and to keep your body from giving out on you. Drive in Short Shifts, on a Schedule Long before you hit

  • Helping A Loved One After A Stroke

    About 315,000 Canadians are living with the effects of stroke. If someone close to you has suffered a stroke, you need to be prepared—both physically and mentally—to help in the recovery process. Given that a stroke can cause physical and mental impairments, the road to recovery can be rocky. Recognizing

  • Top Five Reasons To Be A Volunteer

    If you’re one of the 13.3 million Canadians who volunteer you may already know that volunteering is as beneficial to you as it is to the causes you care the most about. If not, here are five reasons to volunteer: 1. Volunteering is good for your mental health. According to Doing Good is

  • Get The Sleep You Need

    The show runs to midnight. You’re working the room until last call. Then up for meeting at 8 am the next day. An exciting and demanding career in the music industry won’t always lend itself to a normal sleep schedule, but the sleep disruption caused by erratic or late-night work