LessonUP Partners With Unison Benevolent Fund

Unison Benevolent Fund is pleased to announce a new partnership with a Canadian-created web application, LessonUP.

Toronto, Ontario – We all know someone with a dream of a music career that is all private jets, stretch limos, penthouse hotel suites, and endless parties, but the reality is that those who succeed have to have a true passion for sharing the music.

Wherever your passion takes you, LessonUP gives musicians and music educators of all stripes and styles the online tools to teach and share their knowledge through live online video music lessons. Never give away your personal FaceTime or Skype accounts or chase people for online payments. You teach whenever and wherever you want. You charge what you want.

The brainchild of I Mother Earth lead singer Brian Byrne, LessonUP offers Canadian musicians the opportunity to share their knowledge, build a regular and reliable income stream or just fill in gaps in their schedule. LessonUP appreciates the importance of artists keeping what they earn and keeping the Canadian music industry healthy. LessonUP has dedicated itself to donating half of the company’s profits to the Unison Benevolent Fund.

LessonUP launches in January 2015, but you can sign up now at LessonUP.ca to receive more information. Starting January 2015, you’ll be able to teach lessons, earn money, and give back to the Canadian music industry in a powerful and meaningful way.


Prospective music educators or press inquiries regarding LessonUp, please contact:
brianbyrnesings@gmail.com | 709.640.1680

For press inquiries or more information on Unison, please contact:
Executive Director, Unison Benevolent Fund
shamilton@unisonfund.ca | 416.479.0675

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