Canadian Senior Artists’ Resource Network
The decision of artists’ associations and others to launch CSARN arose from the findings of the Senior Artists Research Project. Over three years, SARP studied the circumstances, situation, needs, and interests of Canadian senior artists, looking at what services are presently available to them, and examining relevant international models. The research reports were released in 2011.

The research confirmed that senior artists experience challenges in the areas of Finances, Housing, Career and Health I Isolation, some of which are shared by other seniors and some of which are unique to artists.

The SARP steering Committee agreed to collaborate to launch a new organization that would be focused exclusively on assisting professional artists to live out their senior years in dignity and respect.


PAL Canada
PAL Canada is the national umbrella organization, linking the seven (at present) PAL Chapters, working to provide assistance to older, disabled or needy members and associates of Canada’s Performing Arts Community, in the areas of health, well-being and affordable accommodation.



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