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February 21st
Movement As Medicine: Work In & Through, You Don’t Have To Workout

I know. Crazy. What coach tells you NOT to work out? This guy. Seriously, have you ever had that moment where you just can’t get the job done? No matter how hard you try, your body just won’t meet you where you need to be? I often see this as a sign of overtraining. There’s this weird stigma that’s been publicized in the media. It’s all about how hard you work, how many calories you burn and how many steps you get in that measures your fitness. Well, that kind of thinking runs many of us right into the ground and sometimes into irreversible burnout.

February 11th
Wanna Get Out Of That Slump? Move Outta Your Own Way!

We as humans tend to get in our own way. I’m sure you’ve been there, right? We don't crush the goals we've set, and procrastination gets the best of us.

Maybe you wanted to try something new, like meditation or a new fitness class. Or maybe your goals were more general—you wanted to drink more water, be more active or eat cleaner.

Whatever your goals are, you can accomplish them, and there’s no better time to start than right now. But first, a look at what might be causing your procrastination, and how you can beat it. 


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