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Duane D.O Gibson
February 25th
Black History is Canadian History: Duane (D.O.) Gibson on Celebrating Black History Year-Round

I've always had an interest in Black History.  It began when my mother read me a book about Jackie Robinson when I was six years old.  I was a huge baseball fan, so my young brain couldn't make sense of why Jackie wasn't allowed to play in the Major leagues because he was black.  A few years later, when I was in grade five, I delivered a speech on Jackie Robinson in front of my class, and then the whole school, and I saw how powerful that story was.  As one of the only black kids at school, I felt like

February 21st
Movement As Medicine: Work In & Through, You Don’t Have To Workout

I know. Crazy. What coach tells you NOT to work out? This guy. Seriously, have you ever had that moment where you just can’t get the job done? No matter how hard you try, your body just won’t meet you where you need to be? I often see this as a sign of overtraining. There’s this weird stigma that’s been publicized in the media. It’s all about how hard you work, how many calories you burn and how many steps you get in that measures your fitness. Well, that kind of thinking runs many of us right into the ground and sometimes into irreversible burnout.

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SaskMusic's International Women’s Day Concert

Join us and our friends at SaskMusic this Sunday for a free virtual concert showcasing 23 artists from around Saskatchewan in celebration of International Women's Day. The concert will premiere simultaneously on SaskMusic’s YouTube and Facebook pages, and will remain available for viewing after the premiere. Donations will be going in support of the Provincial Association of Transition Houses and Services of Saskatchewan and to Unison Benevolent Fund.

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