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Get Outside! The Benefits of Outdoor Exercise

Posted by Cassandra Popescu on July 31, 2019
woman walking through a forest

It’s time to make the most of the last few weeks of summer! There’s no need for gym memberships and workout equipment when the sun is shining. If you’re still looking for the motivation to start your fitness journey, outdoor exercise could give you the kick you need. Here are a few benefits of ditching the gym and getting outside.


Improves your mood

Whether it’s a bike ride or a long walk, getting outside will help clear your mind, boost your mood, and make you feel happier. A 2015 study out of Stanford University revealed that students who walked through the campus park were less stressed than those who didn’t go for a walk. A little bit of sunshine and greenery can go a long way in lowering anxiety levels.


Saves money

One of the great things about the summertime is all the free activities you have access to! All you need is a pair of running shoes, or a yoga mat, a water bottle, and your favourite playlist to have a great workout. So lace up your shoes and get out there to find your favourite parks. Your mind, body, and wallet will thank you!


Challenges you more

A tread mill or elliptical is a great alternative when you can’t get outside, but the linear nature of machines doesn’t provide as much of a challenge as a real trail. The changing terrain of outdoor running paths will keep you on your toes, and give you a more complex workout for the same amount of distance covered.


Improves overall health

Exercise is already a great way to give your body and mind a boost of endorphins. Pair that with the boost you get from being in nature, and regular outdoor exercise can help you live longer. One study found that being in nature lowers cortisol, pulse rate, and blood pressure for better overall health.  


Exercises you can do outside

  • Running through the city or on local trails
  • Yoga in the park
  • Bootcamp in the park
  • Outdoor calisthenics parks with exercise equipment
  • Swimming
  • Extended walks


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