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Mental Well-Being in the Music Community

Posted by Unison on May 08, 2018

Following an inspiring time at the East Coast Music Awards last week in Halifax, the music community continues to gather this week in Toronto for Canadian Music Week. Aligning with the Canadian Mental Health Association Mental Health Week May 7-13th, Unison Benevolent Fund is joining the conversation to #GetLoud about mental health with panels about mental well-being in the music industry. 

#GetLoud about Mental Health

This week, May 7-13th,  is the Canadian Mental Heath Association (CMHA) Mental Health Week and we're getting loud about mental health. For 67 years, CMHA Mental Health Week has been raising awareness about mental illness and breaking stigmas associated with mental illness. This year, CMHA Mental Health Week is about including everyone in the conversation. As CMHA says, "Mental health is a state of being. Your self-esteem, your level of stress, even your distress. How you feel about yourself and other people. These are all part of your mental health...We all have mental health and we should all be talking about it!" 

CMHA Mental Health Week seeks to change the perception around mental health, and the connotations around mental illness. We want our friends and colleagues in the music community to feel empowered to take control of their mental well-being. Taking control of your mental health means tapping into your inner strength and finding the ability to ask for help, to take care of yourself, and to listen to others. 

Mental health is about resiliency and care. It's about being kind to yourself, and it affects us all. Join us this week as we #GetLoud about mental health. You can find more information about CMHA Mental Health Week here

Accessing Unison's Services 

At Unison, our mission is to provide the assistance required to take control of your mental well-being. Our 24/7 assistance hotline is administered by our partners at Morneau Shepell. Morneau Shepell is a Canadian company providing counselling through the largest Employee and Family Assistance program in the country. The Morneau Shepell team is made up of multi-disciplinary professionals who hold Master's Degrees or PhD's in the fields of psychology and social work. Their services include counselling over the phone or online, access to tip sheets and advice, and are held to high quality assurance standards by the Council on Accreditation

When you call Unison's hotline, you're in good hands with professionals who work to give you the tools and knowledge required to empower your mental well-being. This year we have seen an uptake in services as more and more people are taking action to improve their mental health and well-being. Please register with Unison to access these services. 

Canadian Music Week & East Coast Music Awards

Unison at Canadian Music Week

We're excited to be part of CMW with a panel featuring Unison artist ambassador, Florence K joining musician and mental health advocate, Adam Gontier and journalist Karen Bliss. The discussion focuses on Adam's own experiences and his advocacy through music following the release of his mini-documentary Behind the Pain and his time spent performing at addiction centres across North America.  Topics are geared towards musicians and the music community, and include how to stay healthy while touring, how to reach out for help, the importance of maintaining career/life balance, and maintaining healthy relationships. 

Thank you East Coast Music Awards!
We were so grateful to have been a part of the East Coast Music Awards in Halifax last week. We joined charismatic speaker and musician Zac Crouse, as he led a discussion about breaking the stigma attached to mental health and highlighted the importance of openly talking about mental well-being in our personal and professional lives. With a mission to continue the conversation outside the panel, the ECMA's included a Health & Wellness Centre as part of their activities. Curated by Moksha Yoga Halifax, the Health & Wellness Centre allowed delegates to wind down in a peaceful spot where they could participate in yoga classes and guided meditation sessions, make appointments with a Registered Massage Therapist or licensed Acupuncturist, and participate in "Ask a Yoga Teacher" sessions. 

We also had the pleasure of sitting in on the #ECMA2018 Cup to cheer on fellow musicians, industry professionals, and ex-NHL players as they hit the ice. Proceeds from the thrilling game were generously donated to Unison Benevolent Fund! If you would also like to make a donation, please visit unisonfund.ca/donate

Unison’s Assistance Hotline exists to help you sort out problems big and small. Please register with Unison to access these services at any time. 

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