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Staying Active on the Road with Tim Hicks

Posted by Cassandra Popescu on April 17, 2019
Tim Hicks collage

JUNO nominated country artist Tim Hicks sat down with the Unison team at Wolf Performance Hall during the #JUNOS in London, ON. 🎸We discussed staying active while on tour, making time for the gym, and how working in some cardio can make a world of difference in your performance abilities. 


Watch the full video with Tim Hicks to learn how he manages a workout routine, hear some stories from the road, and why he thinks staying active is important. 👟 


"It's hard to stay motivated, I'm not gonna lie. But just thinking about what I have to accomplish later on in the day is motivation enough to get going. I find that even if I work in a 15-20 minute run, my show seems to go a lot smoother for me from a physical aspect...Just that little bit of activity in the day time helps when you strap on a guitar and go run around the stage in tight jeans." 



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