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Tools for Success: Apps to Help You Reach Your Goals

Posted by Cassandra Popescu on January 27, 2019
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Did you set a healthy living resolution this month? Now is a good time to reflect on your progress, and figure out the next steps. If you’ve been keeping a journal, flip through your pages to see your success. Whatever positive difference you notice, no matter how small, be sure to give yourself credit for your commitment to taking better care of yourself.


Tools for Success

As you get further through the year, life will inevitably get in the way –– especially in the music industry. We’re prone to late nights, out of town conferences, and busy festival seasons. When this happens, you just need to get back on track quickly. There are countless resources available out there to help you stick to a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few of our staff picks!  



The unpredictable nature of working in the music industry makes it difficult to commit to a monthly membership at a gym or studio. ClassPass gives you access to fitness classes in whatever city you may be in, as well as access to their online workouts, so it’s perfect for those of us on the go. Just download the app and choose from strength training, yoga, pilates, dance, and more. Each class is cheaper than a typical studio drop in class, and you can try one month for free in 2019.    


Stepz Step Counter  

For those of us who aren’t building festival stages or delivering a high-energy performance every night, finding time to be active is challenging. Stepz is a great iPhone app that easily tracks your steps so you can see how much you’re moving throughout the day. Our favourite feature of this app is that it puts your steps into perspective when you unlock achievements. Reach a certain amount of steps and it’ll tell you when you’ve walked the distance of landmarks like the Grand Canyon! It’s a fun and easy motivational tool reminding you to move daily.


Google Fit

For Android users, Google Fit is another step counter solution. Stay motivated by earning Move Minutes to make small changes daily like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or going for a lunchtime walk. Once you achieve your goals, the app will help you set new benchmarks for success so you can continue to challenge yourself and see positive progress over time.



Mealime is a free meal planning app that works on iPhone or Android. It accommodates for dietary restrictions and generates an easy to follow grocery list for you to follow each week. Every recipe is designed to take no more than 30 minutes to make, and you can adjust portion sizes to suit your needs. Just pick the healthy meals you want to eat, and become a master chef!


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