Celebrating the Life of Deane Cameron


Deane Cameron


We're deeply saddened by the passing of music industry veteran, Deane Cameron. Deane played an influential role in the Canadian music industry for four decades. 

Deane was one of the original members of Unison's first board of directors, and we are grateful for his commitment to supporting the Canadian music community throughout his successful career. His belief in Unison's mission helped us grow, so that today we can continue helping members of our community. We extend our sympathies to Deane's family, friends, and peers during this time. His contributions to our industry will be greatly missed, and we feel humbled to have had him be a part of our community. 

Donations to Unison are graciously being accepted in celebration of Deane's life and many accomplishments. Thank you, Deane, for being there from the beginning and for everything you have done for Canadian music-makers.  


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