Emergency Financial Support Program

Unison’s Emergency Financial Support Program was created to support music workers who have been employed a minimum of 5 consecutive years in the Canadian music industry and who are facing an emergency situation. This program prioritizes medical support, basic living expenses and rent. Extenuating circumstances will also be considered on a case by case basis based on available funds.

If an applicant is eligible, they will be required to provide documents such as a hospital or doctor’s note, Notice of Assessment for most recent tax return, incident report, utility service suspension notice, proof of overdue rent, rental agreement, eviction notice, etc. to show proof of an emergency situation.

PLEASE NOTE: All approved support will be paid directly to a creditor/third party (e.g. landlord, medical supplier, etc.). Financial support will NOT be sent directly to applicants.

If you are unsure whether you are eligible to apply, please email us to discuss your individual situation at assistance@unisonfund.ca

What Unison’s financial support programs do not provide

Unison is not intended to address needs created by unemployment, ongoing debt, or long-term or recurring situations. Unison does not have funding available to help people working through the impacts of pandemic. Unison provides financial support for crisis situations only. It is expected that applicants will make all reasonable efforts to seek other resources, such as looking for work outside the entertainment industry, seeking financial counseling, and applying for government benefits.

When financial support is provided by Unison, it is charitable in nature and therefore, before seeking such support, applicants are required to investigate all other possible sources of aid. All approved support is paid directly to a creditor/third party. At its sole discretion, Unison reserves the right to deny or approve financial support.

Unison does not provide financial support for business related expenses. If you are looking for work related support, please reach out to your local music provincial association for guidance on what funding is available both provincially and nationally.

Is financial support available to music workers across all provinces and territories in Canada?

Applicants to Unison’s Financial Support Programs must hold the following work statues to be eligible to apply:

  • Canadian Citizen
  • Permanent Resident
  • Work Permit

Applicants must reside in Canada a minimum of 6 months out of the year and also:

  • Have a Canadian bank account
  • Pay Canadian taxes

Applicants must provide valid government-issued photo ID. 

  • When applicable, must provide a copy of your work permit.
What’s the difference between registering and applying for financial support?
  1. Registering simply gives you access to our free counselling & health solution services and signs you up to our mailing list.
  1. Applying for financial support is a separate step that requires you to meet specific eligibility requirements and fill out additional information, by submitting an application.
Where do I start?
  1. Create an account on Unison’s online application portal HERE (or login with your existing account).
  1. You can then login to the online portal to complete the Emergency Financial Support Program eligibility form.
I can’t use the online application portal, what should I do?

If you’re unable to use a computer, are having difficulty signing in or any other technical difficulties, or if you require accommodations related to a disability, please contact the Program Manager at 416-479-0675 ext. 106 or by email at assistance@unisonfund.ca.

How many times can I apply?

Multiple applications from the same applicant are allowed. Annual funding limits apply regardless of how many applications are submitted.

How are applications reviewed?

Applications are reviewed by our Programs & Services team based on the stated priorities of the program and subject to available funds. If revisions are necessary, you will be notified in the portal and by email.

Your commitment to Unison

We require applicants to be honest with us and our agencies, in all regards, at all times. We also ask that you be patient with us as we move your application through the process. Please wait to hear from us directly about any updates.

Unison has a zero-tolerance policy against any form of abuse or harassment, and any applicant who utters threats or is disrespectful towards our staff will be deemed ineligible for Unison programs and services. We ask you to remain respectful towards our staff.