Essential Self-Care Tactics To Get Through The Coronavirus Pandemic

woman sitting next to an open window with her eyes closed
By Guest Author
Posted by: Roo Kailey

For the past few weeks, we’ve been finding ourselves trying to gain footing and get used to our new realities, which looks like something completely different from person to person. Seeing as the pandemic continues to unfold, if you haven’t taken the time to check in on yourself these last couple of weeks, this #SelfcareSunday is a great time to gently nudge yourself back on track. Even if you start with something simple, like getting dressed in the morning, can make a significant impact on your mood and well-being.

Keeping up with your physical self-care during this time can:

  • boost self-esteem
  • heighten your sense of normality by sticking to a routine
  • help you take back control, and stay grounded in turbulent times

While it’s super important to take care of your physical health by washing your hands, physically distancing from others, and staying safe at home- it is JUST as important to take care of your heart and mind.

Make Plans With Your Loved Ones

We should think of this time as “physical distancing” rather than “social distancing” to emphasize that we can remain socially connected even while being apart. Set a weekly schedule of times to check in, hang out and even eat “dinner” with friends and family to help to restore some social structure to the day.

Give Yourself Permission to Feel The Good, Bad, and Ugly

It is inevitable to feel low, or downright hopeless at times, but also know that giving yourself permission to feel these emotions fully will help release any pent-up stress or tension and help clear your mind.

Breath’s Got Your Back

Simple breathing exercises can help curb anxiety that often accompanies feelings of uncertainty. Give this a try: close your eyes, take a deep breath in– hold– and exhale. Allow your exhalations to be slightly longer than your inhalations—this will engage the parasympathetic nervous system, provoking a calming response from your nervous system.

Doing Good Makes Us Feel Better:

Balance your self-care with a healthy dose of kindness activism and put good deeds back into the universe! Research shows that helping others, while recognizing boundaries safe for you, is beneficial for your own mental health and wellbeing. It can help reduce stress, improve your emotional wellbeing and even benefit your physical health.

Lastly, don’t expect perfection with your self-care routine. The important thing is to focus on progression as you cultivate healthy self-care practices. I know it’s a stressful time, but there is a lot of resilience in you that you’re yet to harness. 

For counselling inquiries to help you deal with the financial or emotional impact of COVID-19, please contact 1-855-986-4766. 

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