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Upcoming events
Jun 11th

MusicTalks: Balance

Stepping away from the excitement and beauty of music is an extensive and intense industry that can be incredibly taxing on an individual. This #MusicTalks event is a focused on mental health, wellness and physical well-being for those working in the demanding industry. Musicians work can be very isolating at times and is noted as having one of the highest depression rates in the workforce. The goal of this workshop is to assist in finding a balanced approach to life.

Jun 15th

Unison at CMAOntario Awards

How do you prepare for a performance?  It can be a huge undertaking without the proper knowledge of how to handle the stress, overstrain injuries, late nights and poor nutrition and all the other common challenges the working country artist and their team face.  What if there was a way to increase your stamina to practice and perform without pain?  What if you knew what kind of food would fuel you and give you energy for the show?  What if there was a way to channel that anxiety into excitement before a performance?

Jun 20th

Four Chords and the Truth

A series of songwriter showcases to be held quarterly in Toronto at the Dakota Tavern, featuring a blend of top-notch songwriters and songs in an intimate environment. Each show is hosted by award-winning songwriter Andrea England and will feature four nationally and/or internationally acclaimed songwriters (and maybe a surprise guest or two). The songs are performed “in the round,” a style made famous by Nashville’s Bluebird Café, in which all songwriters share the stage at once, each introducing and performing one song acoustically per round for a series of 3 rounds.