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City Hall Live Online

May 28, 2020
City Hall Live on Facebook




The City of Toronto is launching a livestreamed series called City Hall Live Online. The series will help raise money for Unison Benevolent Fund, while creating paid opportunities for local musicians during this time of closed venues and postponed festivals.

City Hall Live Online streams every weekday at 12:00 noon.

From April 20 on, City Hall Live Online will feature two separate livestreamed sets each day (12:00 / 12:30), and will feature over 100 Toronto artists while supporting the great work of Unison Benevolent Fund. Click here if you're a Toronto musician interested in applying to be considered for bookings through the City of Toronto's Music Office.


City Hall Live on Facebook



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May 25 @ 12PM: Keysha Freshh

May 25 @ 12:30PM: LAL

May 26 @ 12PM: Chloe Charles

May 26 @ 12:30PM: Ryan Davis

May 27 @ 12PM: Luis Anselmi

May 27 @ 12:30PM: Slim Flex

May 28 @ 12PM: David Celia

May 28 @ 12:30PM: Adam Bomb

May 29 @ 12PM: Emily Schultz

May 29 @ 12:30PM: James Bailey

June 1 @ 12PM: Morgan-Paige Melbourne

June 1 @ 12:30PM: FreePlay

June 2 @ 12PM: Phedre

June 2 @ 12:30PM: Witch Prophet

June 3 @ 12PM: Maya Kiltron

June 3 @ 12:30PM: Andres Sierra

June 4 @ 12PM: Raoul Bhaneja

June 4 @ 12:30PM: Kiki Rowe

June 5 @ 12PM: Moskow Apartment

June 5 @ 12:30PM: Deanna Petcoff

Jun 8 @ 12PM: Odario Williams

Jun 8 @ 12:30PM: Maylee Todd

June 9th @ 12PM: The Sun Harmonic

June 9th @ 12:30PM: Horace Martin

June 10th @ 12:30PM: Devin Cuddy

June 11th @ 12PM: Graham Van Pelt

June 11th @ 12:30PM: Eyeda Sophia

June 12th @ 12PM: Kelsey Vaz

June 12th @ 12:30PM: Meagan de Lima