Crowd at a concert


City Hall Live Spotlight

June 30, 2021

It's official... City Hall Live Spotlight is back! The live-streamed series will feature Toronto artists performing weekly from iconic Toronto venues and spaces, raising money for the Unison Fund while creating paid opportunities for local musicians and music businesses.

Kicking off the series is Toronto-based, Colombian-born musician, Lido Pimienta! Whether you missed her captivating Grammy performance earlier this week or simply can’t get enough of her artistic wonders, tune in TOMORROW @ 7:30PM on City Hall Live or Happin: Live Streaming Platform to catch Lido live from the iconic The Pheonix Concert Theatre with another incredible performance you don’t want to miss.




But wait, the exciting news doesn’t stop there. To make up for their time spent away, CHL Spotlight are streaming back-to-back shows every Thursday starting next week! Here’s a little sneak peak:


Thursday March 25th, 2021:

7:30pm - Little Magic Sam @ The Dakota Tavern

8:00pm - Shakura S'Aida @ The Linsmore Tavern


Thursday April 1st, 2021:

7:30pm - Myles Castello @ Coalition Music

8:00pm - Shan Vincent de Paul @ Drake Underground


Thursday April 8th, 2021:

7:30pm - Azalyne @ Poetry Jazz Café

8:00pm - Joanna Majoko @ Hirut Cafe


Thursday April 15th, 2021:

7:30pm - Aysanabee @ The Rockpile

8:00pm - Tallies @ Adelaide Hall


Make sure to check out the events on the City Hall Live page, share it with all of your friends and RSVP/reserve your free tickets on Happin: Live Streaming Platform so you don’t miss out!