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Support The Scene - Livestream Fundraiser Show

June 13, 2021
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2 iconic Winnipeg fundraiser shows– EGOpicks’ POP PUNK PARTY and Red Tie Productions’ 90’s TRIBUTE SHOW come together on May 16th to support the people that bring us the very thing that we turn to every day to brighten our moods - MUSIC.

Two bands - Two musical themes - Live from Winnipeg’s beloved Park Theatre stage.

The 12/21 - Winnipeg’s endearing and energetic trio of brothers and NIR-VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER - a collaborative of top Winnipeg musicians playing an epic set of chart toppers from the 90’s + some very special guests from both the US and Canadian music scenes.

Kristin Marand (Power 97 Winnipeg) and Rylie Saunders (The Village Idiots)

With the money raised, donations of thanks will be made to the Park Theatre, and the bands and livestream crew - who all came into this simply to help others. The rest of the funds raised will be donated to the Unison Benevolent Fund’s COVID RELIEF FUND - which provides discreet financial and mental health support to Canada’s musicians, and music industry workers.