In Celebration of Minnie Power

Surrounded by her family, Minnie Power passed away peacefully on August 12, 2019. A lifelong lover of music, Minnie was an avid supporter of all forms of music. As a huge country music fan, Minnie loved listening to recorded music, attending concerts, and dancing along to her favourite songs. When her daughter, Amanda Power decided to pursue a career in the music industry, Minnie’s unconditional support gave her daughter the foundation she needed for a successful career. Minnie loved being surrounded by music and enjoyed giving back to the community. During Amanda’s time working at the Canadian Country Music Association, Minnie would volunteer for weeks on end to help put the conference together. She loved contributing and being around music in any way. 

Music was a source of comfort for Minnie at all times. In celebration of her life, and in respect for her love of music, donations to Unison are being accepted in her honour. Minnie’s family recognizes that not all music-makers have the support she provided for her daughter, and would like to help provide support to fellow members of the Canadian music community in her memory. 


Photo of Minnie Power


Photo of Minnie Power
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