Support Unison with PLUS1

Heading out on tour? Want to engage with fans to directly support the Canadian music community? We’re thrilled to be one of the recipient organizations of PLUS1, giving music-makers and music lovers a chance to make a difference together. 

When you partner with PLUS1, our music community can support each other with $1 from each ticket sold on tour benefitting relief programs, financial assistance, and mental health counselling to the Canadian music community while engaging and educating their fans about the cause.

If you’re interested in learning more about the PLUS1 initiative, their team would love to hear from you! Contact to start a conversation. 

How Does It Work?

PLUS1 harnesses and directs the energy of people coming together to experience a concert as a catalyst for change. When you partner with PLUS1, $1 from each ticket sold on tour is donated to Unison. PLUS1 works with artists to consult and advise on how to create meaningful, long-term impact in our community.

Their team works directly with managers, agents, and promoters to ensure the $1 is in the deal and to settle directly with each promoter. They track and grant each dollar to the partner organization, and provide a comprehensive report at the end of the tour detailing the money granted and the impact generated.

Artist Testimonial: Tim Hicks

“I’m really proud to have partnered with ‘PLUS1’ on the ‘Get Loud Tour.’ It was so easy for us to join an initiative that brings together artists and their fans via live music to help with some of the world’s most urgent issues. And, speaking of easy, we were able to contribute a significant amount to the Unison Fund simply by doing what we love to do – playing music and connecting with fans. It just makes perfect sense. Musicians raising money for musicians by performing and doing what we love – awesome, inspiring and humbling and I would do it again in a heartbeat!”

Get Involved!

As music lovers helping music workers, we love seeing our community grow to help and support each other. If you’d like to make Unison part of your next tour, festival, or event please contact us at to get started. 

Together, we can unite artists and fans to invest in the strength and resilience of the Canadian music community.