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June 13th
Two years without Pride: A reflection by Reggie Vermue aka. Regina Gently

When Pride is so intricately linked to your life as a gig worker in entertainment, specifically as a DJ and drag performer, what do you do when it just stops being there? Two years in a row.

Pride is not perfect. And it can never be everything to all people. But from my earliest experiences attending the Parade with my queer friends, before I had even come out, I realized the need for Pride as a place to connect and find others in your tribe.

June 4th
Opening Up Your Voice

The singing voice gets a bad rap. It’s criticized and judged from a very early age.

I don’t know what compels grade school music teachers to shame innocent children into ‘standing at the back‘, or to ‘mouth the words,‘ but it happens all the time. There are so many singing competitions now that singing has become some kind of Olympic style sport leaving ‘singer wannabe’s trembling at the knees’ at the thought of singing or expressing themselves out loud, God forbid.

Upcoming events

Virtual Markham Village Music Festival

The Markham Village Music Festival returns for its 44th year, taking place June 18th and 19th, featuring over 40 performances including emcee Aliya Kanani from Second City, 4-time Juno Award winner Fred Penner, Ron Hawkins of Lowest of the Low, and a Beatbox showcase as well as local performers (music and dance). The Festival will also feature a Virtual Vendor Village to help support the many businesses and community groups that have partnered with us over the years as well as Historic Markham Moments with our Town Crier celebrating Markham’s rich history.

togetherall banner
FREE Lunch & Learn: Introducing Togetherall

Togetherall is an anonymous, 24/7 online peer-to-peer mental health community that is moderated by registered practitioners to keep members safe and facilitate the process of peers helping peers in an online environment.

By joining this live guided demo of the Togetherall platform, you'll learn everything you need to register yourself, navigate the platform, and confidently educate others on this important resource.


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