Meet the Team


Amanda Power

Executive Director

Maureen Spillane

Director of Operations

Jennifer Hardy

Director of Programs & Services

Kathryn Hummel

Manager, Programs & Services

Phil Gumbley

Senior Consultant, Programs & Services

Anna Ruddick

Industry Relations Manager

Stephanie Finanders

Marketing & Communications Manager

Rye Howald

Marketing Coordinator

Aliyah Burey

Funding Coordinator

Emma Worley

Funding Coordinator

Lincoln Blache

Funding Coordinator

Shanay Egwuenu

Funding Coordinator

Romanna Krachkovska

Office & Accounting Manager

Board Members

Erin Benjamin

Chair, Board of Directors
President & CEO, Canadian Live Music Association

Mark Watts

Vice Chair, Board of Directors
Music Industry Professional

Brian Huston

Treasurer, Board of Directors
Co-Founder and CEO, Audioworks

Charlotte Thompson

Secretary, Board of Directors
Owner, Red Umbrella PR

Shawn Hook

Director, Board of Directors

Daniel Glick

Director, Board of Directors
Director of Concerts & Events, Evenko

Sarah Kilpatrick

Director, Board of Directors
Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Music Canada

Donald Robins

Director, Board of Directors
Manager, Radio & Media Relations, Qu├ębec, Warner Music Canada

Vanessa Thomas

Director, Board of Directors
Head of Canada, Sound Royalties

Eric Wolfe

Director, Board of Directors
Director, Model Development & Management, Scotiabank

Dawn Woroniuk

Director, Board of Directors
Director of Marketing, Sakamoto Promotions