Men’s Mental Health: Becoming More Of Yourself

By Guest Author

Posted by Nelson Chaves, Hungry Hearts, The Hungry Soul Coaching Company

Preoccupied, concerned, busy – these are the hallmarks of success and the standard of living in our world today. But they keep you disconnected from yourself, from what really matters, from what you really desire.

Who are you? How did self-love, connection, and purpose get so tied up in how you look, your job title, the success of your projects, how much money you make, being a leader, an influencer, the persona you carry online and off and the people you surround yourself with.

It’s hard to separate your worth from these things, not feeling like an imposter, being enough and feeling grounded in who you truly are.

This does not discriminate based on gender identity but for men, our identity and worth within our career has a significant impact on anxiety, stress, depression and overall mental health.

Throughout my 20’s and early 30’s I worked in the music industry. If I look back at that period of my life I operated on burnout, imposter syndrome, not feeling like my results were good enough and being emotionally unfulfilled 80% of the time.

In my next phase of my career I have become a certified leadership, executive and life coach over the last decade. To say those same issues don’t come up would be untrue. Through my own personal and professional development I’ve shifted my relationship significantly to a much more consistent and empowered ongoing conversations around my commitment to my own wellbeing.

Here are three things that have helped me and hundreds of my coaching clients from performers, entrepreneurs, creators, managers and high-level executives and decision makers through our own journey:

Nobody Makes It To A Place Of Peace Without

The biggest breakthroughs you will create in your life will come from your willingness to have vulnerable ongoing conversations and navigate the challenges you are dealing with. Nothing releases the pressure, stress and anxiety like letting things out. Whether it’s speaking to professionals like a therapist, coach, joining a support group or speaking with a trusted partner, friend, family member or colleague. People who can listen without judgement and bias. Shifting the narrative around the stories in your head and the meaning you’ve given them.

Selfless Selfcare

  • Creating space to be with your thoughts
  • Getting real about the negative lifestyle habits that need to go
  • Assessing your overall relationship to nutrition, exercise, sleep, spirituality/mindfulness and taking small steps to creating positive changes
  • Surrounding yourself in environments with dignity, kindness and safety

Shortening The Distance Between Your Heart & Your Head

If you accept where you’re at and just be with what’s happening right here then you can observe, experience & take stock. Your life is full of setbacks and bouncebacks. Your willingness to learn new things, try new stuff, experiment and get better will make more room for health, wealth, love and self-expression.

Your transformation will happen on its own and all you have to do is show up and be a willing participant  to show your flaws and imperfections. Imperfections are real and people will always respond to real.

Happiness is gratitude for what we have, enjoyment of each moment, a sense of contentment, and a connection with ourselves, others, and what’s here right now.

Trust your process.

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