Our Mission

The Unison Fund is a registered, non-profit music industry charity that provides counselling, emergency financial support, and other resources to the Canadian music community. Created and administered for the music industry, by the music industry, Unison is here to help professional music workers in times of hardship.

For many, a career in music is a dream come true; however, the reality is that many members of the Canadian music community do not have access to the services that can make all the difference in a time of need: sick leave, medical benefits, pension plans, and unemployment insurance. Music workers can easily find themselves unprepared to deal with the financial and emotional burdens of an unforeseen emergency or illness. Unison provides a lifeline in these times of crisis and is there to ensure the health of our friends, colleagues and collaborators.

Unison also provides access to confidential support services, qualified professionals, and other resources to support individuals and their immediate family members with their mental, financial, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

Unison is funded by support from individuals and industry organizations. All services and information are provided in English and French. Unison will never charge dues or fees for access to our programs & services.

Unison’s office and staff operate from Toronto, Ontario. Toronto is a name derived from Tkaronto, a Mohawk word meaning ‘where there are trees standing in the water’. For thousands of years, many nations including the Petun, Huron Wendat, Haudenosaunee, Chippewa, Anishnabeg, Métis, and the Mississaugas made their homes here. Toronto remains the home of indigenous, Inuit and Métis people.

Settlers have directly benefitted from the colonization and genocide of the indigenous people of this land. It is our responsibility as an organization and as individuals to engage in acts of resistance and awareness against past, present and future injustices against the original occupants of this land.

Our Commitment

Systemic racism and intersectional oppression disproportionately impact the mental well-being of Equity Deserving and Sovereignty Affirming groups in Canada every single day. We recognize that in mental health, there is a massive disparity in how Equity Deserving and Sovereignty Affirming groups are not only listened to but supported on every level. We have been listening, we have been learning, and the time to address these inequities is now.

We continue to look within our own organization and focus on where we need to make the changes necessary to ensure that our commitment to equality remains at the forefront. This commitment is a process but as a starting point:

Unison is closely reviewing and examining what steps our counselling partner Telus Health is taking to provide specialized counselling and health services for the Equity Deserving and Sovereignty Affirming groups and LGBTQIA+ communities

Unison is dedicated to learning, collecting, and sharing resources with our network that supports the mental health and wellness of Equity Deserving and Sovereignty Affirming groups and LGBTQIA+ communities

As Unison curates panels and discussions within the music community, we are dedicated to amplifying the voices of the Equity Deserving and Sovereignty Affirming groups and LGBTQIA+ communities and creating a diverse and inclusive safe space at all times

We stand behind our obligation to do the work for justice and equality for Equity Deserving and Sovereignty Affirming groups in the music community. Not just today or this week but always. We welcome any and all discussions on how we can improve our services. It is our responsibility to be better and do the work for our music community, and we are only just getting started.

Please remember to be safe and take care of your mental health. For support doing these times, please call our toll-free counselling and health solutions hotline: 1-855-9UNISON (1-855-986-4766).