Insurance Partners

We are proud to offer three partnerships with organizations that share that purpose:
Arts & Entertainment Plan®, Hub International, Front Row.

These insurance plans are designed for music workers, with clear and affordable protection for the unique way we live.

Arts & Entertainment plan

The Arts & Entertainment Plan® is a national health insurance plan that’s affordable, easy to understand and simple to join. It’s offered through the not-for-profit, member-owned and governed insurer, AFBS. AFBS has been around since 1975 and understands the unique lives of those working in the cultural community. This is a guaranteed acceptance plan—no medical questionnaires need to be filled out.

Register with Unison to become eligible for the Arts & Entertainment Plan® and select Unison as your Participating Organization when you enrol.

Hub International

As a Unison member, you now have access to preferred rates on home and auto insurance through AFBS’ Group Home and Auto Insurance Program. The program has been in place for 15 years and provides coverage for your home, home business, vehicle and more.

Unison members will get access to:

  • Preferred rates
  • Bilingual service
  • Group discounts
  • Broad market – you can insure just about anything

The program is managed by HUB International, which has offices throughout North America and across Canada. As the service provider, they canvas industry markets to secure competitive rates and superior value.

Members of the program have been pleased with the personal attention, high level of service and preferred rates that HUB provides. HUB welcomes members of Unison to the AFBS Group Home and Auto Insurance Program. For a free, no-obligation quote today, call HUB International at 1-866-835-1852 or get a quote online here.

Front Row

Front Row provides affordable musical instrument insurance for Canada’s music professionals that are members of professional Canadian music associations—including registered members of Unison.

That means your gear is protected throughout its normal life, in your studio/office/home for storage, while in transit to and from gigs, and while being used away from your premises anywhere in the world.

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