The decision of artists’ associations and others to launch CSARN arose from the findings of the Senior Artists Research Project. Over three years, SARP studied the circumstances, situation, needs, and interests of Canadian senior artists, looking at what services are presently available to them, and examining relevant international models. The research reports were released in 2011. The research confirmed that senior artists experience challenges in the areas of Finances, Housing, Career, Health, and Isolation, some of which are shared by other seniors and some of which are unique to artists.

The SARP steering Committee agreed to collaborate to launch a new organization that would be focused exclusively on assisting professional artists to live out their senior years in dignity and respect.

Grief comes to everyone in time, and the experience can be isolating, leaving the bereaved struggling to understand what is happening to them and without ways to cope. Grief Stories is a unique resource offering information about grief, as well as coping strategies to benefit individuals and groups, including grievers, friends, family and professionals who support them. Grief Stories HEALS by helping grievers feel Hopeful for healing, Empowered to cope, Accepted as normal in their grief, Less alone in their experience and Supported to share their own story.  

They have just started a new initiative called Exploring Music for Healing. If you have insight, information or a story about hope and healing in grief, the team at Grief Stories would welcome your participation through the creation of short videos with our compassionate and skilled film team, as a podcast guest or by writing a guest blog post. 

The key to success in the music business today is to diversify your sources of revenue. IGNITE Your Music Career will show you how to earn more royalties, more upfront sync fees, and more recurring revenue. IGNITE gives you the information you need in a simple, accessible format, and you learn at your own pace. IGNITE posts four videos every month on topics related to music licensing – from writing techniques to how to find your market – and everything in between. Along with the videos, you get tools and activities to build the skills you need to be successful, and each lesson includes a royalty-free sound pack to download and use in your own music. 

IGNITE Your Music Career is offering Unison members 3 months of free access to all IGNITE lessons and downloads. To sign up for this special offer email If you decide to stay with IGNITE after the 3-month trial, you can subscribe for $6 USD/month, and IGNITE will donate 10% of your subscription fee back to Unison to help support musicians across Canada.

PAL Canada is the national umbrella organization, linking the seven (at present) PAL Chapters, working to provide assistance to older members or those living with disabilities and associates of Canada’s Performing Arts Community, in the areas of health, well-being and affordable accommodation.

StayBillety is the official Online Accommodation Service of Unison. The partnership serves Canada’s broad music community, both industry and fans. The StayBillety platform allows members to indicate their interests and the groups and organizations they support. It connects people with shared interests. Music supporters with extra space can connect with music-makers needing a place to stay. Hosts earn some extra money, and music-makers or music lovers, travelling any time, have the opportunity to save some money on accommodation.

StayBillety welcomes music-makers and music lovers touring Canada or for travel for any occasion. The Unison page on StayBillety connects music-makers needing housing with Hosts supporting the organization. See for more. When booking, use the Unison affiliate code: UNISON

A portion of StayBillety funds is donated to Unison’s Counselling & Health Solutions and Financial Assistance programs to ensure that Unison can continue to provide these much-needed services. Hosts and music lovers can rest easy knowing that when they book through StayBillety, they are investing in the continued health of the Canadian music community.