This service will no longer be available after May 31st, 2024,
please refer to our Counselling & Health Solutions page for more options.

Togetherall offers an online anonymous community where you can seek advice from like-minded individuals, share experiences and offer insight to peers in a safe space. 

Stress and change are a normal part of life, and sometimes all you need is to talk it out with others. Through Togetherall you can get support and connect with someone who understands what you’re going through, anytime & anywhere.

Join Togetherall’s anonymous community of peers for support, keep a journal, set goals, take assessments and learn more about how to adjust to life’s ups and downs.

Moderated by professionals to keep you safe, Togetherall is available 24/7 and free for ALL Canadian music workers (aged 16+) to use while offering a safe, anonymous, judgment-free space.

And, if sharing isn’t your thing, Togetherall also has self-directed resources, tools and courses to help you look after yourself.


  • On Togetherall, you can share your thoughts, discuss what’s on your mind, and gain support and advice from other members. Togetherall has smaller, dedicated spaces where you can share your experiences about topics that are important to you. There are dedicated groups to topics like, Health and Lifestyle, Gratitude, and Parents & Caregivers plus more. Members can join as many groups as they want to connect with others in a safe space. Join Togetherall’s online peer community today & register at HERE.
  • Sometimes it’s hard to find the words to express how we feel. On Togetherall, you can express yourself through art if the words just aren’t enough. When you register and sign into Togetherall, create a “brick” by drawing, typing or uploading art you’ve already created to express how you feel. Join Togetherall’s online peer community today & register at HERE.

*Please note that registering for Togetherall does NOT register you into the Unison database or for Unison’s Emergency Financial Support Program. Before you register with Togetherall, please make sure you are registered with Unison. For information regarding our Emergency Financial Support Program, click HERE.