Introducing Togetherall: An online peer-to-peer mental health community available free to all Unison members
When it comes to mental health, everyone’s needs are different. Whether impacted by social isolation and stigma, or simply restricted by the lack of accessible services during the pandemic, many people struggling with mental health issues can’t or won’t access face-to-face services. That’s why we’re making this online mental health platform, delivered by Togetherall, free to those working in the Canadian music industry.


Togetherall’s online community is clinically moderated by mental health professionals, and offers Unison’s members a safe and anonymous place to express their thoughts, concerns and triumphs. Resources are free for our registered members (aged 16+) to use while offering a safe, anonymous, judgement-free space to talk about your mental health concerns.

Togetherall users are able to draw strength and insights from peers that have real, lived experiences, as well as access a range of self-directed, clinically validated tools to promote positive mental health and wellbeing. Togetherall is the newest addition to Unison’s existing mental health and wellbeing suite of tools and resources.

You can seek the advice of both your peers in and out of the industry as well as professionally-trained practitioners who monitor and support the community. The platform is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and free for ALL Unison members. 

*Please note that registering for Togetherall does NOT register you into the Unison member database or for Unison’s Financial Assistance Program. Before you register with Togetherall, please make sure you are registered with Unison. For information regarding our Financial Assistance Program, please visit our FAQ