Support the Music Community this Holiday Season

Someone playing music outside in a market at night
By Guest Author
Posted by: Roo Kailey

As we settle into the holidays, we’re feeling so thankful for the incredible support of our community throughout the year. Your donations have helped keep the music flowing for so many music-makers and music lovers all over Canada. ?

This year, more than ever, we have all relied on the comfort that music brings us, but without further financial support, we risk losing so many music-makers and industry workers behind the music we all love so much. We need your help and we need it now more than ever!

Unison, Canada’s leading music industry charity has received requests for help at a 5,500% increase this year, and $2.3 million has already been dispersed to more than 2,200 musicians and entertainment professionals in Canada.

COVID-19 has devastated our music community, leaving thousands of music creators and professionals with an uncertain future. The need, unfortunately, isn’t going to slow down or go away any time soon.. Unison members will be feeling the severe implications of the pandemic long after the vaccine has been distributed – small businesses and venues have closed for good, tours have been cancelled for good, and the live business economy in which so many of us have thrived in for years, WILL be one of the LAST to return. 

In spite of generous donations from across the music industry and from music lovers, the Unison Benevolent Fund is struggling to stay afloat. Thousands of music workers have fallen through the gaps of government support, creating a sense of urgency as Unison prepares for an avalanche of new applications for financial support in the coming weeks, months and maybe years ahead. We are in a crisis and Unison is moving into a crisis situation as an organization. To put this situation into perspective, the live music industry in Canada accounts for 72,000 jobs – not including performers – and generates $3.5 billion in economic activity, according to the Canadian Live Music Association (CLMA).

Please join us in helping keep the music community alive and thriving this holiday season. Any donations received will go straight to the front line, helping Unison reach more music and entertainment workers facing real financial and emotional hardships over the coming months.

It’s almost 2021, but you can still make a difference in 2020.  Donate before midnight (EST) on December 31st to receive a 2020 charitable tax receipt, and change someone’s life. PLEASE make a donation HERE or by texting the word ‘UNISON’ to 45678 and follow the prompts to donate $10, $20, or $25.  Every donation counts.  Every donation helps.  Let’s keep Canadian music and entertainment ALIVE.

Happy Holidays! ?