Media Inquiries & Social Toolkit

Welcome members of the media, Unison partners, supporters, and suppliers.
Thank you for your interest in Unison. For all media inquiries please contact

Stephanie Finanders, Marketing & Communications Manager

Download Logos and Brand Elements

Below are official Unison brand elements available for media & partners to download in connection to articles & materials relating to or about Unison. Any alteration or revisions to these elements nullifies permission of use. Please note: these elements are available for Unison-specific applications only. They cannot be used for commercial or non-Unison related applications. Unison prohibits the unauthorized use of any part of these brand elements on commercial or other products. All licensed goods must be approved by the Executive & Board of Directors.



Our logo represents who we are

as a lifeline for the Canadian music

community. Its colour, scale and

other graphic elements should

remain intact and never be altered.

The vertical and horizontal logos can

be used interchangeably, depending

on available space and application.

Below are the minimum required

sizes to ensure proper prominence

and clarity of our logo on both print

and digital applications.


If you’re interested in supporting Unison on social media please find below best practices and our social media toolkit:

  • Confused on copy? Keep it genuine! As members of the music community you know best why people should engage with Unison. Tell your story. Be sure to include a call to action, “For more info visit” or “To donate visit“.
  • Tag us! We love to see your posts.
  • Create a Facebook birthday fundraiser campaign to raise money for Unison. Your donations help us continue our mission to support music workers in need, every little bit counts.
  • Add us to your Fan Support section on Spotify! For more info on how to do that click here.