Unison's COVID-19 Relief Program FAQ

Unison's COVID-19 Relief Program FAQ


What are the first steps to applying for Unison’s COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund? 

Before you can apply, you must register on the Unison website. Registration is free; there are no membership fees or dues. Once you are registered you can then access all services. For all financial assistance inquiries, please review the full application process here.


What happens once I inquire about financial assistance? 

After emailing assistance@unisonfund.ca, Unison’s Allocations Director will respond to you with an application for applying. Once you have completed the application and submitted it back, it will be reviewed confidentially. Full application details can be found here.  Please review these details before emailing for assistance. 


How will I be notified if I am approved for funding? 

You will be notified through the email you used to send the application if you are approved for assistance. 


Will I still be eligible for CERB if I receive funding from Unison? 

Yes. Please note any monies received from Unison (a registered charity) is NOT income.  It is a charitable gift.  It is not reported as income when you apply for assistance.


Is the funding I receive from Unison taxable? 

No. The money you are gifted from Unison is not taxable income. 


Can I still apply for Unison’s COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund if I am receiving government assistance? 

Yes. If you are deemed eligible and receive funds from CERB or from EI, you may still apply for Unison’s COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund.


How do I know if I’m eligible for Unison’s services? 

Professionals in any role within the Canadian music industry are eligible. 

You’re eligible if you:

  • Worked primarily in the music industry for at least two years.
  • Worked primarily in the music industry for 55% of your career.
  • Earned at least 55% of your income from the Canadian music industry, if you are over 65.

You are ineligible for Unison’s services if you do not meet the above requirements, or if you are not a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident. 


What other kinds of support can I get though Unison during COVID-19? 

For counselling inquiries to help you deal with the financial or emotional impact of coronavirus, please contact 1-855-986-4766. To learn more about our counselling services, please click here



Unison also offers a variety of weekly Sunday blog posts with up-to-date information and recourses there to help you during these times. Please keep updated at unisonfund.ca