Unison House Concerts

Unison is providing exclusive house concerts to expand our circle of supporters.

The Concept 
Plan an event for 15-20 couples. Unison will provide an artist of interest to both the house concert host and their circle of friends, colleagues, and neighbours. 

The Concert 
Two sets lasting around thirty minutes each, with a break in between where guests are ever so politely invited to support Unison. 

The Workload
Provide invitations & confirmations, food, and drinks for artist & guests. Plan room layout to accommodate 1-2 musicians and audience. Welcome and introduce the artist. 

“When you get the opportunity to sing your songs and tell your stories in such an intimate setting you realize not only the power that music has to move people, but also the desire that we all have to connect to one another and to lend a helping hand in whatever way we can.”

–– Andy Maize, Skydiggers 

“This event was a thrill to host, and one of the most memorable experiences that we have had in our home. Our friends loved the private concert format and gained respect for a great cause.”   

–– David Farwell, House Concert Host

If you would like to host or perform at a house concert, please contact: 

Michael Bowman