Mental Health Resources for Asian Communities in Canada

By Guest Author
Posted by: Roo Kailey

To our Asian, Pacific Islander, and South Asian Canadian friends and colleagues: Unison is deeply saddened and disturbed by the rise in anti-Asian racism during this global health crisis. We stand tall with all members of our community who experience marginalization and threat, based on their identity, ethnicity, and physical appearance. Discrimination and hatred against anyone is unacceptable, and the toll they take on mental health is real.

If you’re feeling anxious or afraid, or finding it difficult to process your pain or grief, there are accessible resources that can help you cope during this difficult time. While Unison’s programs and services are always available to you, we also encourage you seek support from the following:

Coping with Racism:

Mental Health Resources:

  • SUCCESS B.C. Chinese Helpline: led by trained volunteers, the help lines provide Mandarin and Cantonese-speaking callers with confidential emotional support and referrals to community resources that can support them to address a wide range of life issues.
  • Hong Fook Mental Health Association – mental health support for Canada’s Cambodian, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Korean communities.
  • The Asian Mental Health Collective is an organization working to normalize and destigmatize mental health within the Asian American community by connecting AAPI mental health providers with clients and creating community in a private Facebook group. The platform also shares resources on how to find the right therapist, as well as videos and articles highlighting prominent Asian Americans who have publicly spoken about therapy. View their Asian Canadian Therapy Directory here. 
  • The Project Lotus is a youth-led organization working to challenge the model minority myth while empowering and educating the Asian American community on the importance of mental health. In addition to the group’s social platforms and podcast, Project Lotus invites participants to contribute articles and opinion pieces about mental health issues that were once considered taboo like depression, anxiety, or seeking therapy.
  • Focused on connecting South Asian clients with mental health professionals, the South Asian Therapists database was founded by lawyer and activist Raj Khaira. The idea was to start a small list of therapists to which Khaira could refer her followers, per the database’s website, but within the first three days of its June 2020 launch, more than 300 therapists responded, and the resource has only continued to grow.
  • Detox Local – An extensive list of mental health and substance use resources specifically for the AAPI (American Asian and Pacific Islander) community.
  • Unison’s services are here for you. Simply register with Unison for emergency financial assistance and free mental health counselling and call 1-855-9UNISON for assistance.

Community Organizations:

*This resource list is a working document that we will continue to update as we discover new resources.

Please reach out to if you have resources you think should be added to the list/a link doesn’t work/you’re concerned about a particular resource I’ve linked.