Create Your Own Wellness Routine in the Third Wave

Woman starring out to the ocean
By Guest Author
Posted by: Roo Kailey

A year into the pandemic, you may be tired of social distancing, virtual classrooms and working from home. If you’re feeling anxious, fearful or rundown, you’re not alone.

While the pandemic first took many of us by surprise, we know much better what to expect by now. All this pandemic ‘experience’ makes it easier to adapt to changes, like the re-closure of schools and non-essential businesses. 

A new season is always a great time to begin some new healthy habits. During the COVID-19 pandemic this is more important—and a bit more challenging—than ever. Here are some tips to help you cope after a whole year of pandemic. 


Fuel Up with Healthy Food

  • Great health starts within! Try starting the day with a nutrient-dense smoothie or smoothie bowl.
  • Plan ahead for well-rounded meals with plenty of vegetables to support your health. Now is a great time to get in the routine for healthy eating and preparing your own meals at home.
  • Get creative in the kitchen! Test out a new recipe you’ve been wanting to try. 


Upgrade your stay-at-home workspace and get moving

  • If you haven’t already, set up a dedicated work space. That way, it’s easier to leave the “office” when work is done. And it is likely easier to keep your focus if you aren’t alone during work hours.
  • Make sure you’ve got the essentials like an office chair that allows you to sit comfortably all day, and a work surface that allows you to access your keyboard by keeping your elbow at a 90 degree angle.
  • With a more sedentary lifestyle and gyms still closed, it easy to fall into poor shape. Remember to schedule movement in your daily schedule. 


Connect with Nature to Support Wellbeing

  • Spending time in nature helps us to unwind from daily stressors.
  • Spending time on the patio, balcony, or even on a chair outside the front door can be a beneficial way to take in the sunshine and fresh air
  • Use any extra time at home to exercise your green thumb! Watering and tending to your outside garden or your indoor plants, no matter how small, is a rewarding task that helps soothe away tension.


Take advantage of the warmer Spring weather

  • After a long winter, getting outside to enjoy the warmer weather could do wonders for your mental health. Instead of planning another Zoom call, enjoy a socially-distanced walk to catch up. 
  • Check with your provincial or territorial government to see if small gatherings are allowed in your area. Continue to wear a mask when it’s impossible to keep a 2-meter distance with others in busier outdoor areas.


Tap into Your Creative Side

  • Spending time cultivating your creativity is an easy way to refocus the mind toward enjoying the present moment. You don’t have to consider yourself an artist – just express yourself!
  • Use free time to pick up an instrument you used to play, or try learning a new one! There are many online resources for learning to play music.
  • Simply journalling or and drawing what comes to mind is a technique that helps us centre into the now moment and express what we are experiencing within.


Maintain Physical & Mental Health at Home

  • With many fitness instructors filming classes for at-home participants, it is easier than ever to turn any room in the house into a fitness zone! Always listen to your body and consult your doctor as needed—be sure to do exercises that are safe and comfortable for you.

Connect with Others

  • We may be physically keeping our distance from others, but it’s important to stay in touch.  Talk with people you trust about how you are doing and feeling. Connect with your community or faith-based organizations to find others who share your interests. Give help when you can, and get help when you need it.