Welcome to LifeWorks!

Welcome to LifeWorks
By Guest Author
Posted by: Roo Kailey

Did you know that as a Unison member, you receive full, free access to LifeWorks by Morneau Shepell?

Designed to help you with all of life’s questions, issues and concerns, LifeWorks is a confidential assistance program and innovative well-being resource offering support and guidance for you and your colleagues in the Canadian music community.

Through LifeWorks, you have access to a range of services, including expert tips and strategies, suggested resources and referrals, as well as a wealth of online articles, podcasts, toolkits, and more.  LifeWorks is available any time by phone, online, or by mobile app – all at no cost to you. 

LifeWorks can support you and your dependents with almost any issue, whether related to health, family, money, work, or anything in between. If you have questions about handling stress, maintaining relationships, dealing with changes at work, parenting and childcare, managing your money, caring for an older relative, or health issues like losing weight or giving up smoking, you can turn to LifeWorks for answers.  You can speak confidentially to one of their trained consultants – they have the knowledge and experience to offer support and strategies for work-life issues.  They can connect you to counselling, set up consultations (legal, financial, parenting, eldercare, etc.) and refer you to helpful agencies and organizations in your community.

Watch this video for more information on the Life section of LifeWorks: https://vimeo.com/429354260/3365782bdd

So, what exciting new features can you expect?

Well-being news feed: a personalized news feed allows for short, helpful, “snackable” daily content to help take control of your well-being journey.

Perks and rewards: save on everyday purchases with discounts at over 700 retail brands.

Peer to peer recognition: members are able to recognise others for great work by posting messages that are visible to everyone in the company.

Member assistance: receive support from specialists in financial and legal, child care and elder care, future planning and debt support, retirement and many more.

3 Easy Ways to Connect with LifeWorks:

LifeWorks makes it easy. Call them, go online, or download their app to access information and resources.

1)     Online at login.lifeworks.com: Access hundreds of articles, recordings, eBooks, and online toolkits.

2)     By free mobile app for iOS or Android: Access support and resources on the go from your smartphone. Look for the cursive “blue L” when searching LifeWorks in the App Store or on Google Play. Need to connect with a consultant? With the app, you can call us with just one tap!

3)     By toll-free number: You can call LifeWorks any time, 24/7, 365 days a year, to speak with an advisor. A caring, professional member of the team will help you talk through your concerns and help you find solutions.

Find answers, Fast!

As with any new program, there are bound to be questions. Be sure to visit help.lifeworks.com for answers to your questions, technical support and the ability to submit a request to the LifeWorks Customer Support Team.