Wanna Get Out Of That Slump? Move Outta Your Own Way!

book open to page that reads, 'Wish for it, hope for it, dream of it but by all means do it.
By Guest Author
Posted by: Mike Schwartz

We as humans tend to get in our own way. I’m sure you’ve been there, right? We don’t crush the goals we’ve set, and procrastination gets the best of us.

Maybe you wanted to try something new, like meditation or a new fitness class. Or maybe your goals were more general—you wanted to drink more water, be more active or eat cleaner.

Whatever your goals are, you can accomplish them, and there’s no better time to start than right now. But first, a look at what might be causing your procrastination, and how you can beat it. 

Not “feeling it”?

Make a radical physiological change to shift your state. Ie: MOVE! The hard reset style. Sure, you can meditate and think your way through it, but that takes a lot of practice. And time. When you jump up and down like a lunatic that just won the lottery, your body immediately changes its state and you’ll beat the blues in seconds. Don’t believe me? Try it. Do 25 jumping jacks and scream like you just won the lottery. How do you feel? Better? 

We already addressed the need to put yourself in motion, so here’s a couple more ways to do it. Lift some weights, throw a kettlebell around or jump rope first thing. Here’s our signature Music Fit Method “Floor To Feet” Energizer Flow to help you wake up the body safely and set the tone for a great day or great rehearsal. We’ve done this with countless clients all around the world with tremendous success so it might be one of the best things you could do. Give it a go. 

Too stiff or sore? 

I’ve got you. I’ve been coaching musicians exclusively on postural correction for half of my 14 year career. Heck, I wrote the book on it. Here’s a common area musicians have postural challenges: Upper back and shoulders. If that’s you, try this drill: The Wall Angel and say goodbye to your sore shoulders and back!

Don’t know where to start and can’t afford professional guidance? 

As the Aussies say, “Too easy, mate!” I condensed 14 years of my signature coaching method into a 6 week program to help educate the industry. It’s called The Music Fit Method and our next intake is February 22, so it’s coming up quick! If you’d like to learn more and see what it’s about, join us for a free Zoom “Lunch ‘N Learn” Wednesday February 17th at 2:07 EST on how movement can help you move outta that slump! Can’t make it, don’t worry. We save the replay. Shoot me a note and register a spot here hey@miketheschwartz.com

And lastly, we are happy to offer 5 Full Ride Karma Scholarships to our Music Fit Method Movement Coach Level 1 Certification for Unison Members. These seats will be reserved for those of you who have experienced financial hardship, but would like to improve your health and also pay it forward to the next generation of musicians. Together we can empower 10,000 musicians by 2022 to live well and share their gift with the world. Please apply here. 

What’s the Music Fit Method?

The only holistic strength and conditioning movement program designed to help musicians move better and perform their best both on and off stage. Furthermore, it’s an accredited coaching program, so our graduates are certified to teach the method and help others live well. Any graduates that hold an applicable fitness certification can apply for continuing education credits.

Learn more and apply to become a Certified Music Fit Method Movement Coach today at www.musicfitcollective.com

About The Author – Mike Schwartz

Mike Schwartz is a musician, movement artist, author, educator and widely considered the “OG” of Musician Wellness. A graduate of the University of Calgary with a Bachelors in Political Science and Management, he holds a Cert IV in Fitness, is a CHEK Institute Practitioner, ACE-Certified Personal Trainer, Steel Mace Flow, Kettlebell and Olympic Weightlifting Certified as well as a Precision Nutrition Certified Exercise Nutrition Coach. He is currently finalizing his post-grad studies in Exercise Science through the NSCA as a CSCS. AKA “The Rock Doctor” he has contributed to Canadian Musician Magazine, appeared on Rick Barker’s “The Music Industry Blueprint Podcast” and his 2017 publication “The Musician’s Guide To Surviving The Rock Star Lifestyle” has garnered attention internationally as a must-see at Canadian Music Week, Australian Music Week, BreakOut West, Abbey Road Institute, Studios 301, Folk Music Ontario and the Canadian Country Music Awards.

When he’s not coaching musicians, you’ll catch Mike training himself or making music, art or enjoying a good book and a coffee. He loves the mountains, the ocean, travel, playing sports and spending time with loved ones and his beloved 4-legged best friend, Darwin.